In which the author’s mercenary instincts are revealed …


The first two limited edition prints available from

A few people have asked how they can get copies of the pictures I talk about on this blog, prompting me to take my first tentative steps into online selling, via the arts and craft website Folksy. There are currently two prints on sale there: one of the River Ehen (see “A winter wonderland in the River Ehen”) and one from Pangong Tso (see “Subaquatic landscapes in Pangong Tso”) and you can pay via Paypal with a credit or debit card.

The pictures are available as limited edition Giclée prints.   Giclée prints are produced using professional-grade scanners and printers with archival pigment inks and high quality papers.   One of the benefits is that I can manipulate the size of the images and print them at a size that is more convenient for display.   The prints that I have produced so far are mounted to fit in a standard 40 x 50 cm frame. Selling them mounted rather than framed makes it cheaper to post them, but if you would like a framed print, get in touch and I can organise this for you.   Get in touch, too, if any of the images on display at interest you.

The etymology of “giclée” is amusing: the term was coined by an employee of Californian fine-art printers Nash Editions (that’s Graham Nash, as in Crosby, Stills and Nash, if you are interested).   They originally called their prints “digigraphs” but I guess “giclée” sounds that little bit more sophisticated.   Be aware that giclée means something rather rude in French. If I tell you that “gicler” means to squirt, you can probably work out the rest for yourself.

Sales pitch over. You’ll notice that my sharp business acumen has missed the lucrative Christmas market by a month but I’ll post a reminder next November, just in time to solve your dilemma of what to buy for anyone too polite to say “and why would I want a picture of algae on my wall?”

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