Ecclesiastes 3 rewritten …

For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven ..

A time to rise, a time to shower,
A time to gulp coffee and
A time to run, to catch the train
In time for work, where there is
A time for email, a time to file,
A time to scan reports before it is
Time for a meeting, whose agenda allows
A time for matters arising and
A time for PowerPoint presentations, but
The time to summarise drags on
And there is barely enough
Time for a sandwich before you are
Back at your desk where
The telephone is ringing and
The time for completing a report,
Already two weeks late, is squeezed
As emails demand more of your time.
The time for going home slips past and
Time passes reading reports on the train.
A time for pasta sauce from a jar and
A time to crash on the sofa,
Zapping through channels, lacking the
Energy to find a good book instead.
A time for a final cup of tea,
A time for bed and, in the dark,
A time to wonder where
The time for wondering has gone.